Sunday, May 31, 2009


i hate exam..
this coming friday is the mock exam
but still not really well prepared
juz because of 1 reason...
my mind has gone to the other place

i need someone to wake me up..
i gonna slap myself from being such a lazy worm
i gonna try to get that study mood now
wish me good luck in the coming exam>.<

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tough jeans smith fashion preview 2009


This is the 1st time i went for the fashion event...
Tough jeans is 1 of my favourite brand and
since i'm 1 of their members so i've recieved
their invitation few weeks ago

Well,i saw lots of 'beautiful' clothes and peoples at there
i 100% not regret for attending the function
I was shocked when i reached there
There are lots of media,company representatives,
those rich aunty(they were freaking crazy),
all the tall hunks and sweeties model
and of course i've snapped their photos

I'm so glad that i have this opportunity
to attend this event..
hope to go for the other brand fashion preview
It's a good experience i guess...

Hv a nice day:p

Sunday, May 3, 2009

trip to my grandma house(teluk intan/ipoh)

I went to teluk intan last thursday
there is my 'kampung'(grandma house located at there la)
since i seldom go back to visit them
so i decided to sacrify lee hom's concert and went to visit her
(kinda regret now,i miss music man!!)

Actually,teluk intan is a very very boring place
so i not really like to go there since i were a kid
BUT..this trip had changed my mind
cox my uncle brought cousins and i to a very nice place
(dunno y he so free)
That is a nice waterfall with beautiful scenery


still got lots of story there
but i lazy to talk about that larr...
blah blah blah...........

Monday, April 27, 2009


today is a very very tiring dayz + freaking hot ...
since i went to my classmates hostel to do revision with them
not really have a good rest...

finally,i decided to take extra paper for the june test
but luckily,not me alone..
my frenz will be taking extra paper too...
(but still not yet confirm with the office)

1 more thing
i gonna learn investment from my frenz
according to that fren,she'll take a investment course on june
the course is freaking expensive
so i dun think i can afford to take the course
(just ask her to teach me,wakaka)

the end of my dayz
tired,tired and tired>.<

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dream bigs,take risks!!


My dream is to earn lots of money
and buy all th things i like just like
the movie "confession of shopaholic"
and of course to enjoy my life without any financial burden..^.^

Anatole france said,"To accomplish great things,we must not only act
but also dream,not only plan,but also believe."
It is so great and i do agree with this statement
In business terminology,the dream is typically called the VISION
Visions lead me to a better way,i guess... :p

Pablo picasso said:'if everything u can imagine is real,
and you can start the creation process simply by dreaming it
so why not dream big??(i got it from an article and it inspires me )

Can dream be quantified?i think yes
If it can be quantified,it's not a dream
but an objective or goal.
A dream has to be so big that u can't put a no. or date on it
that's what keeps it always in front of you
and always in your future.

Big dreams entail big risks
it is a basic principle,
once you hv a big dream,a big risk will slowly comes to you
but now i hv to study hard 1st
so that i can fulfill my dreams in the future
that is to make sure i pass all my CAT and ACCA exam
Risks will only come to me if do not study hard
(hope i won't be lazy to study)

Ready to dream??
If not,take some inspiration from this poem written by
John Turnipseed,Director of people services at southwest Airlines
Dare to dream!!
some people only look at life through eyes that seldom gleam
while others look beyond today as they are guilded by a dream
and the dreamers cant be sidetracked by dissenters who may laugh
for only they alone can know how special is their path
but dreams arent captured easily;
there's much work before you're through
but the time and efforts are all worthwhile
when the impossible comes true
and dreams have strength in numbers
for when a common goal is shared
the once impossibles comes true because of all who cared
and once it's seen as reality a dream has just begun
for magically from dreams come dreams
and a walk becomes a run
but with growth of course comes obstacles
and with obstacles come fear
but he dream that is worth dreaming
finds its way to the dear
and the dream continues growing

Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm currently staying at pjs9,bandar sunway
It's a peaceful housing area
my housemates and the neighbours are quite friendly
BUT someone(the pervert) came to spoilt this peaceful area
I heard lots of cases like this and i think
it would not happen to me
but it had happened to me and my frenz who came to meet me on that day
It was like a movie^.^but everything is real


15/4/09 wednesday
My friend who were staying in ampang came to meet me
Due to some reasons she couldn't stayed at there
so being a kind hearted friend
i just let her to stay in my house
she seldom go bdr sunway and
the driver also dunno how to come to my house
(the driver is not cabbies)

she reached bdr sunway around 10.45pm
Her car stopped in front of the pyramid hotel
and she couldn't found the way to my house
Then she called me out to guide her
After that we decided to hang out for supper
We went to KFC and chit chat at there
We were chatting happily and
the everyone was enjoying the topic
(something private and funny)

After eating,we decided to walk back home
and i thought 3 persons would not be dangerous
but it was out of my expectation
We started to walk at about 12.15Am
We were still chatting while walking on the street
When we entered the main street to my house
i realised there was a car following behind us
the car is quite new so none of us care about it

There is 2 more lorong in the street
My house located nearby the 2nd lorong
The car which following us had stopped and
parked at the 1st lorong
After that,he came down from the car
He was walking in front of us and we were behind of him
3 of us turned silently(we were laughing quitely) when we saw him
U know y?Because of his abnormal attire
At 1st,i thought that was his personal trend

Let me briefly describe his attire
He was wearing jacket and the jacket looked like very tight for the body
His pans was damn short and his underwear was leaking out
He is also a very tall and fit guy


Suddenly,he turned his body to our direction
Then,he zip off his jacket
oh my gosh,he was wearing BRA!!!!!!
At that moment,we knew he was a pervert
he neither laugh nor ran toward us
He was a emotionless person
but his eyes contact was freaking weird

My 1st respond was shouting"yerr!!disgusting!!"
but my sis and fren were momentarily stunned and
rooted at there like a statue
i think they were shocked and couldn't
controlled themselves anymore
because they were too scared of it

Quickly,i asked them to run as fast as they could
I was the 1st who reached home and opened the auto gate
We went into house and locked it
After reached home,my sis told my housemate about the pervert
He said:'i live here about 2 years but nvr see b4,you all are too lucky!'
Haha..mayb we were really bad luck larr
but walking on the street in the midnight is really dangerous 4 ladies

My sis could not sleep well on that night
i think she slept at 5 Am
mayb because she was too scared about it larr


ATTENTION:Ladies,beware of pervert especially
for those who are studying at kl
dun ever walking on the street in the midnight